DIY Tips for Online Photos from a Professional Commercial Product Photographer

Photographs are one of the best ways to get new customers to notice your product. However, simply snapping a quick shot and uploading it to your social media is not enough. It takes a keen eye and attention to detail. 

  1. The Importance of Photos in Your Online Presence

Your business’s online presence plays a vital role in your continued success. With each passing day, we as a society become more connected to the internet and businesses must keep up to remain on the forefront. To do this, they often design websites and social media profiles to reach more customers. However, these endeavors will only take you so far without plenty of high-quality photos from a professional commercial product photographer, such as Tyler Chartier.

You want your photos to highlight all the best features to persuade potential customers to take the next step and actually purchase your products. Poor quality photos might end up costing you more in lost sales than you would have spent on a professional.

  1. The Benefits of a Professional Commercial Product Photographer

Professional photographers are intimately aware of how light, shadow, and angle affect the outcome and they use this experience to create stunning product photos that not only showcase the product in the best possible way but persuades customers to take the next step towards purchasing them.

While this experience is highly valuable, smaller businesses may find it just out of their current budget. Here are a few tips for do-it-yourself product photography:

The higher end equipment, though expensive, provide a wider range of options, however, these are not required and great looking pictures can be captured with basic equipment, or even your smart phone.

  • Stick with a solid white background to showcase your product without risking it blending into a more complex background.
  • Use the sunlight that comes in through a window instead of the inside lights but avoid direct sunlight.
  • Take multiple shots from several angles so you can compare quality and settle for the one that highlights your product the best.
  • Stabilize the camera with a tripod to avoid movement.
  • Invest in either photo retouching software or outsource the refinishing work to achieve the best possible picture.

For more information, or to request a consultation with a commercial product photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact the offices of Tyler Chartier today and see the difference for yourself. 

The Art of Commercial Food Photography

We are very visual beings and tend to eat first with our eyes, and commercial food photography takes advantage of this to entice the appetite and prompt more sales for their clients. However, there is art behind each photo.

The Unique Challenges of Commercial Food Photography

Food photography, in general, requires a keen eye for detail and a creative knack for problem-solving. This is because food photography comes with its own set of unique challenges, including:

  • Limited time – food doesn’t stay fresh for long.
  • Unphotogenic foods – coffee, for example, is naturally oily and doesn’t photograph well.
  • Brand image – photos much match the company’s brand image.

The First Rule of Food Photography

The most important thing that each photo absolutely must do is keep the food the main subject. The goal behind food photography, particularly for commercial use, is to draw the eye and make people want to eat that item. To do this, professional food photographers use their knowledge and experience to craft the best, mouthwatering, photo they can.

Using Light and Shadows

Lighting or lack thereof plays a huge role in the overall picture. Photographers can use light to draw the attention to the main dish, highlight the food’s most tempting features, and invoking emotion in the viewer. Lighting is also used to create or soften the angles and lines in the picture.

The Role of Angles and Lines

As with lighting, the angles in each photo can either make the viewer’s long for a taste or turn them away. Angles create drama in the photo, pulling the eye this way or that way along the curves of the subject, to settle on the main point of interest. Knowing how to use these lines to your advantage takes practice and an eye for details.

Tricks of the Trade

One of the hardest parts of commercial food photography is getting the food to look its best on camera. To do this, photographers often used tools and materials that are less than appealing but produce mouthwatering results. Food coloring may be painted onto the items, for example, or cotton balls may be soaked in hot water to simulate steam. 

For more information on how Tyler Chartier creates stunning commercial food photography for his clients in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, please contact Tyler Chartier’s offices today. 

A Few of the Techniques Used by Your Commercial Photographer in the Bay Area

Great commercial photography invokes emotion and action into the viewer, but to achieve this level of effect requires a keen eye for detail, knowledge of light and color, and experience. To accomplish this, a commercial photographer in the Bay Area uses the following techniques.

Using Composition to Draw the Eye

Experienced commercial photographers know how to set up a photo to achieve certain results. This often involves carefully considering the composition of the overall picture and how it relates to the main goal. You want to draw the eye across the image, first on the main focal point and then to the parting message. 

Carefully Planned Lighting

Lighting plays a huge role in photography and professional commercial photographers know how to use lighting to convey the message, entice the viewer, and invoke emotion. Simply changing the angle of the light source can drastically alter the mood of the entire photo.

Precisely Placed Props and Talent

Every detail within commercial photography is carefully considered, from the beads of condensation rolling down the ice cold beverage to the accessories worn by the models. Every aspect must support or enhance the entire photo’s message and the company’s brand image.

Using Color to Influence Emotion

Colors have extraordinary power over the human mind and expert photographers know how to use this power to create both visually stunning and effective commercial pictures. Red, for example, is known for portraying passion, heat, or hunger, while blue is more known to represent feelings of sadness, peace, and coolness.

Modern Technology 

Innovations have greatly expanded what a commercial photographer in the Bay Area can accomplish for their clients. High-speed cameras, for example, show details that were previously unseen and digital editing provides endless options for creating drama and inspiring emotions

Multiple Photos in a Single Session

Professional commercial photographers never just take one or two photos in a given session, they can take hundreds. By taking photos from multiple angles, using different camera settings can result in a lot of wonderful pictures and this technique allows for a greater chance at snapping the ultimate photograph of the product. 

It takes years of practice and study to create stunning images that support the message and create a response from the viewer. To learn how a commercial photographer, such as Tyler Chartier, can elevate your commercial photographs, please contact his offices in the San Francisco Bay Area today!