Choosing a Product Photographer Santa Rosa

From culinary delights to merchandise, Tyler Chartier’s photography tells a story, enlivens the subject of the camera, and brings both products and foods to life for anyone who is fortunate enough to see them.  Read more

Understanding Food Photography in Sonoma County

A Community of History

With its rich diversity of agriculture, viticulture and artisan contributions, Sonoma County has a long culinary history that stretches all the way back to the 19th century. Because of this incredible heritage, it’s fitting that food photography in Sonoma County reflect the amazing cuisine that is available. Read more

Food photography in San Francisco

Get the Best Food Photography in San Francisco

The Archetype of Hunger
A circle is an archetype of a sphere. A square is an archetype of a cube. A picture is not an archetype but it is archetypal. It provides an evocative silhouette of that which was when the photograph was taken. The picture itself is of the highest quality, but it is only a two-dimensional representation of that which was. A picture of the right subject matter can act as a sort of muse to the person who happens to view it. Read more

Product photographer in San Francisco

Choosing the Right Product Photographer in San Francisco

A Picture Tells a Story
A wallet or pocketbook may be a regular component of anyone’s daily life. People need this product and will get one whether or not it is of the highest quality. But a picture of such a product taken in the right way can tell a story which subconsciously recommends it to the viewer. Imagine a blue wallet on a blue background next to several other wallets. This tells a simple story, in a few words: I’m a wallet, just like these other wallets; please buy me. Now consider a picture of a blue wallet angled appropriately next to a saucer of coffee white as the dish beneath it. On that dish are several sugar cubes, and bridging the coffee and pocketbook together against a white background is a French newspaper. Read more