A Guide to Food Photography in Sonoma County

The goal of food photography is to enliven the senses and to entice the consumer to want to try the product being photographed. Many don’t know where to begin when considering the value that professional food photography might bring to their campaigns.  Within this latest post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of food photography for Sonoma County businesses and outline the photographic process.

Food Photography Ideal for Menus

One of the reasons so many restaurants are now working with food photography experts is to enhance the appeal of their menus. Working with a qualified photographer can help an organization to move forward in appealing to patrons and to showcase their food items in their best possible light. When a restaurant highlights their signature dishes in high clarity photographs, it can entice a patron to try a new option from the menu. This is particularly important for growing restaurant businesses committing to building a loyal base of patrons.

Maximize Online Branding

We know that online branding can help improve a business and appeal to a new marketplace, but most don’t know that food photography can ensure their Sonoma County business thrives within the online sector of their marketplaces. The latest data shows that customers are engaged in online photography across the company’s websites and social media platforms and that online photography has a significant impact on the net sales of companies within the digital marketplace. It’s important that growing companies work with trusted professionals in the photography business in order to achieve a high-level return on investment. Professionals know the standards patrons expect and can create photography to meet a specific branding goal.

Pictures Make Customers Hungry

We know that pictures of food can increase the demand for that item within a restaurant’s menu. But studies also show that simply seeing pictures of food can make us hungry. This is ideal for restaurants advertising in local transit hubs for example. A restaurant might place an advertisement with a photograph at a train station to make customers hungry before they travel near the restaurant. The technique has been shown to increase restaurant sales significantly.

Tyler Chartier is here to guide you in choosing food photography services for your business. To learn more about our work, call us today!

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