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I have the best job. My camera takes me inside new worlds where I am required to quickly understand unfamiliar environments, build relationships with interesting people, and create images that tell stories. How cool is that!? (as you may have deduced, I’m not a yoga practitioner)

For this project, MBH Architects and CorePower Yoga asked me to tell two stories: The architectural design and the human experience of the CorePower Hayes Valley Yoga Studio in San Francisco using both still photography and video. 

MBH Architects & CorePower Yoga: Architectural & Commercial Lifestyle Photography

I love shooting the combination of architecture and people, and when I have the opportunity to capture both still images and video I’m in my happy place! The story of architecture is deeply connected to the people who use the space. While it’s helpful to include people in architectural compositions, lifestyle photography can create a more powerful emotional connection between the viewer and the human subject of the image. Human centric images have more capacity to show us what it feels like to be there. I also believe that we humans have a narcissistic streak: we like looking at pictures of other humans! 

Fun side note: In the video, we wanted to subtly anchor this location in San Francisco, so we waited until a MUNI bus was driving by so we could catch its reflection in the windows. Bonus: random skateboarder photobomb!

Thank you to Sharlene Simonson for assisting, Rob Arnold for video camera operation, and retouching by Patrice Reynolds and Peggy Kinstler.

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