Architectural Interior Photography at Kaiser Permanente

Lobby at Kaiser MOB

Collaborating with the team at TLCD Architecture is my benchmark for great photoshoots. This refresh of a Kaiser Permanente Lobby in San Rafael, CA, is an excellent example. A small project, small number of images, shot on a weekend…yet TLCD’s team members showed up with strong creative energy, positive attitudes, and wardrobe changes!  

Kaiser MOB Lobby

Because this is a lobby at a hospital which is open seven days a week, and we needed daylight to show the exteriors, we had to shoot while this facility was open to the public. Our biggest challenge was working around patients and visitors walking through the space. (the people you see in these images are TLCD employees) 

sitting area at Kaiser MOB Lobby

Our second challenge was to tell the human story of the space while also showing the functionality – a fun adventure with this team! A big thank you to the team at TLCD for contributing the time and energy to make these photoshoots fun, efficient, and successful! 

Kaiser MOB Lobby 2

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