Architecture & Storytelling for the Wall Street Journal

I had the honor to shoot this beautiful Pebble Beach home for the print edition of the Wall Street Journal. My biggest surprise? How delightful it was to work with Yanni and Nancy. Within minutes of finding out that his gardener was not available to help, Yanni was walking the property with a leaf blower on his back! After sunset at the end of a long shooting day, he cooked a wonderful Greek meal for everyone. We worked hard, we laughed out loud and we created great images. So much gratitude for days like this.

The Wall Street Journal has strict rules of journalism in place to protect its readers from manipulated photographs: NO compositing, NO dodging and burning and absolutely NO retouching. To get these results, we did all the heavy lifting in camera. You’ll notice that these photos are a little less polished than most of the images on my website – can you find the differences?

You can see more images from this shoot here: Pebble Beach – WSJ

Published in the Wall Street Journal print edition and online here: 

The Titans of Pebble Beach