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DIY Tips for Online Photos from a Professional Commercial Product Photographer

Photographs are one of the best ways to get new customers to notice your product. However, simply snapping a quick shot and uploading it to your social media is not enough. It takes a keen eye and attention to detail.  The Importance of Photos in Your Online Presence Your business’s online presence plays a vital […]

The Art of Commercial Food Photography

We are very visual beings and tend to eat first with our eyes, and commercial food photography takes advantage of this to entice the appetite and prompt more sales for their clients. However, there is art behind each photo. The Unique Challenges of Commercial Food Photography Food photography, in general, requires a keen eye for […]

A Few of the Techniques Used by Your Commercial Photographer in the Bay Area

Great commercial photography invokes emotion and action into the viewer, but to achieve this level of effect requires a keen eye for detail, knowledge of light and color, and experience. To accomplish this, a commercial photographer in the Bay Area uses the following techniques. Using Composition to Draw the Eye Experienced commercial photographers know how to […]