BART Headquarters: Architectural Interiors

It was a pleasure collaborating with the marketing teams at RIM Architects and Turner Construction to help tell the visual story of the new BART headquarters in Oakland, CA. In addition to the standard office spaces we always enjoy shooting, BART’s HQ has a few unique spaces that presented interesting technical challenges. 

A challenge that architectural photographers often run into: create one image that shows the interior of a space and the great view outside. Even better if we can include people enjoying the space and the view! Building the image above was a fun technical challenge, and it came together with two main ingredients. First, we had strong communication and creative collaboration with the marketing team lead on set. Second, we had great technical collaboration with my team: Peter van der Pas on set, and Peggy Kinstler in post production. 

Telling the story of BART’s internal video production studio was super fun, and the in-house video production crew graciously allowed us to use some of their equipment for props for our mock interview. 

We couldn’t resist this opportunity for a quick light saber battle! I think Peter won that round…

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BART Headquarters, Oakland CA