Behind the Scenes Video: Large Scale Product Photography

Santa Rosa, CA based Loring Smart Roast manufactures some of the best coffee roasting equipment in the world. The marketing team at Loring, working with the creative agency The Engine is Red, brought me in to create product images that showcase the outstanding design and craftsmanship which define this brand.

Large scale product photography on location is all about “adapt and overcome” – in this case, our challenge was to create simple, beautiful, clean images of a series of large, complex machines made entirely out of reflective stainless steel.

To overcome this challenge, we shaped the highlights and shadows to create strong three dimensionality and managed the reflections so the surfaces look the way people expect stainless steel to look. Standard practice when shooting stainless, and big fun at this scale!

You can see more images from this shoot on here: 

Loring Smart Roast Product Images