What’s It Like On Set With Tyler?

Curious about what happens during one of my photo shoots? You’ll see me climbing high or lying on the ground to find the angle. You’ll see me work with my team to set up the big lights. You’ll see me fuss with styling details and fine tune the composition. You’ll roll your eyes at my dad jokes and cringy puns…

…The most important thing I do is listen.
Understanding my client’s needs allows me to create images that produce results. 
Tyler Chartier Photography-2

Collaboration: Working together we create stronger images.

The best marketing images tell stories. The combination of my creativity and craftsmanship mixed with my client’s understanding of their firm’s story are the ingredients we use to build images that produce results.

Why architecture, products and people?

We spend most of our lives inside buildings. I love exploring the relationship between architecture and the people who inhabit and interact with the space. Creating images that communicate what a space feels like is a fascinating challenge. 

Creating effective images of products (and artwork) combines storytelling and imagination with technical composition and lighting. I love the challenge of bringing a 3 dimensional object to life in a 2 dimensional world. 

…And people! I’m inspired by the the magic of creating an image that shows something real about another person’s life. Images of people can tell stories and create powerful emotional connections as no other subject can. Plus working with people is just plain fun!

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Working With Tyler

Check out this behind the scenes video that shows how David Duskin, Peter Schifrin and I worked together to create effective images of their sculpture of Norman Lear: 

Tyler’s Tips

Tyler’s Tips is a weekly video series where I share ideas to improve your photography! I share my favorite tip from last month here: 

In this episode, I talk about how we can harness our curiosity to find the magic in our subjects and create more compelling stories. 

Tyler’s Tips Episode 22: Curiosity