Better Talking Head Videos

The challenge: create simple, clean, video interviews that project excellence and competence, but do not feel overproduced. Shooting for Color Tokens, a San Francisco Bay Area zero trust digital security firm, we collaborated with Louis Ekrem of Laughing Cat Films to elevate the standard “talking head” video. 

To give our recruiting interview with Rajesh Khazanchi (Color Tokens Founder & CEO) a clean, sophisticated feel, we dove deeply into the fundamentals. By using thoughtful composition and clean lighting in conjunction with subtle camera movements, this video elevates the brand and the message. 

Our interview with Tony Scott, an advisor to Color Tokens and one of the world’s foremost security and IT experts, presented a fun problem to solve: shoot a single, long take of our subject walking and talking to the camera. By incorporating this simple element of movement to our interview, we add an element of visual interest that helps keep the viewer engaged. 

On a personal note, it’s an absolute privilege to collaborate with smart people doing important work. Being in the room with the Color Tokens team and learning about how they are tackling one of the world’s thorniest problems inspires me to push harder to excel at my own little piece of this story. 

Check out the videos: 

Color Tokens Interviews