Brand Identity Photography & Video: Service West

As a commercial photographer, brand identity shoots are a big deal. When a company trusts me to tell the story of their brand I understand and embrace the responsibility that comes with that trust. Service West, a leading commercial installation company, hired the marketing firm MacKenzie to refresh their brand and build a new website anchored by images of Service West employees.

From the CEO to the most junior warehouse workers, we created portraits and candids of many of the almost 500 people who are Service West. We spent four days shooting stills and video at Service West warehouses, offices and job sites: over a dozen locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. This shoot was such fun: fast paced, people in interesting visual environments, creative problem solving left and right! 

Helping tell the story of the people who are the Service West family was an honor and a pleasure. Icing on the cake is that both Service West and MacKenzie were happy clients: 

“In our time working together, it was clear that Tyler had a knack for directing subjects and a passion for getting the most out of every shot. He produced great work and was an absolute pleasure to partner with.” 

Dan Hutson – Vice President, MacKenzie

“Tyler, what a wonderful experience. Your attention to detail and your ability to capture the essence of Service West has exceeded our expectations.”

Scott Shepherd – President, Service West

You can see a selection of my favorite images from this shoot here:

Service West Brand Identity

And you can see how MacKenzie used my images to build Service West’s new website here: 

Service West Website

Tyler’s Tips

Tyler’s Tips is a weekly video series where I share ideas to improve your photography! I typically share my favorite tip from last month here, but as Tyler’s Tips is on vacation, I’ve included one of my favorites from last year. As the Service West shoot required a ton of fast paced, creative composing, I thought this tip would be appropriate.

Tyler’s Tips Episode 15: Finding the Composition

Resist the urge to frame your first composition with your camera – teach yourself to compose with your eyes first!