How San Francisco Product Photographers Can Help Increase Your Sales

As a business owner, you are probably always looking for ways to boost sales on your e-commerce website. If you have not thought of this already, you should consider product photography. In the world of the Internet and e-commerce, the fastest and most effective way to promote your products is product photography. You should hire a reputed product photographer in San Francisco to make sure that you increase the success of your website in a way that directly escalates your revenue. With better presentation of your products, there will be more visitors to your e-commerce website, making purchases, and bumping up the sales.

How Product Photography Increases Your Sales

Here is a look at a few ways that product photographers can help boost sales in your e-commerce website.

It catches customers’ attention: A photo of your product is the first thing that potential buyers see when they visit your website. With great product photography, the items you offer look appealing, and grab the attention of potential customers. It will instantly let shoppers know if they have found what they are looking for, and will result in them purchasing that product.

It makes product details clear: Another way that a product photographer in San Francisco can help boost your sales is by showing the details of the products on offer. They will take pictures of items from all angles, so that potential customers can see all of the details clearly. When they are able to see products from different angles, they can decide to buy from your website rather than from one that does not show the product as clearly as you do.

Real photos look authentic: In the online world, authenticity sometimes takes a back seat in favor of quick wins. Many online sellers use Photoshop to enhance the presentation of their products, making them look fake. With consumers getting savvier, it is becoming easier to spot 3D renderings, and that “fake” feeling might drive them away to a seller who is willing to be more authentic or “real.” If potential customers see fake-looking images, they will doubt your products, your customer service, and your values. With real product photography, consumers will trust your website, and turn to you whenever they need the products you offer.

As you can see, product photography plays an important role in the success of your e-commerce website. However, to make sure that the images on your website bring on actual sales, you should invest in a product photographer in San Francisco who knows exactly what you need, and how to provide images that increase sales. Call Tyler W. Chartier at 415.264.0638, to shoot clear, crisp, and attractive pictures for your product portfolio.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Product Photographer

The success of any business lays in how well you market it! You have invested hundreds of dollars, perhaps thousands in product development. Now, it is time to utilize that great imagination to get return on that cost, effort, and sweat. Shooting products in front of a white background may suit some businesses, however, it doesn’t always render the best results in terms of sales you have envisioned. Therefore, it’s important to opt for superior quality product photography services in San Francisco to give your business the boost it deserves. Listed below are a few things to consider while choosing a product photographer.

What Type of Equipment they Use?

The photographer you hire must own an appropriate equipment to capture the photos that you need to accomplish your objective. The photographer must own a high-quality camera and lens. The photographer must also take care of props, staging of the pictures, and lighting.

How many Photographs will you get?

This is an important consideration while hiring a product photographer. How much bang will you get for your buck? You will get a large number of photographs if you are looking for straight forward and white background product shots. However, if you are looking for shots with models then you will get fewer photos for the same price. Interview few photographers and determine their per-image cost. This will help you pick a photographer who has the expertise to click great photos and, also offers services within your budget.

Do they have Experience in your Product Category?

While you may think that any photographer can click beautiful product shots, it is quite the opposite. Product photography is a diverse art in itself. Various approaches and lighting setups are required to get picture perfect results. Different approaches to editing are also used to put together a mind-blowing portfolio. For this reason, certain photographers specialize in certain categories. If you have invested heavily on your product, it makes sense to pick a photographer who has experience in shooting products of your niche. This will give you the results that you are looking forward to.

If you are looking for someone who specializes at product photography in San Francisco and fulfills all these considerations, then contact Tyler W. Chartier at 415.264.0638. We strive to make our customers happy by clicking beautiful photos required to boost their business!

Product Photographer in San Francisco – 5 Tips When Photographing a T-Shirt

When you are trying to showcase a product, you need an experienced product photographer in San Francisco who can capture the essence of the product. Tyler W. Chartier understands that details are extremely important. Every detail must be carefully planned and addressed, especially if you are photographing T-shirts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for getting that perfect product photograph.

  • Iron Away Wrinkles

When you’re taking pictures of T-shirts or any other soft material, even the slightest wrinkle will show. Take a few minutes and press the shirt so it’s free of all wrinkles or creases. Gently pressing the shirt before you take the shot will minimize any creases that appear while you are positioning it.

  • Use a Mannequin

Use a mannequin to fill out the shirt. It will show the t-shirt’s cut and shape and also help to prevent wrinkling and puckering. A mannequin will also allow any design or specific detail to stand out. It’s also important to choose the right size mannequin that properly fits the shirt you are photographing.

  • Use the Right Lighting

The right lighting minimizes shadows and will make sure the design or lettering is prominent. Lighting also helps to accentuate the shape of the shirt. The right light and a well-built mannequin will show every detail of a t-shirt making for the perfect product shot. Take a few test shots and adjust the lighting if need be.

  • Check Your Camera Settings

Make sure your camera settings are accurate. The right shutter speed helps to make the most of your lighting and will allow for the best possible focus. You don’t need to overthink your settings, just make sure that the aperture is set properly to allow for the right amount of light.

  • Focus on the Details

Make sure the details are front and center. Side shots are fine if there is nothing on the front of the shirt. If there is a design, however, a full front shot will be needed to see all the little details and make the image stand out. Focusing on the details is extremely important if you want your picture to be pleasing to the eye. 

Get the Right Product Photographer in San Francisco Today

When you want the perfect T-shirt picture, you need to hire the best product photographer in San Francisco. Tyler W. Chartier has the knowledge and experience to take the best photographs possible each and every time. Schedule an appointment at the studio so you can get the best photos of your products!

How To Master Product Photography In San Francisco On A Tight Budget

Product photography matters enormously when a business intends to showcase its products in an attractive manner to entice potential buyers. It is an essential part of online as well as offline advertising and an integral factor in everything from successful magazine ads and billboards to catalogs, online ads and company websites. This post tells you more about how to take great photographs on a budget, with the help of advice from a professional product photographer in San Francisco.

Work On The Background

This is where you start, especially while working on a budget. Great product photographers in San Francisco will always focus on getting the right background because it simplifies the entire editing process. You can use a white or light backdrop, and all you need is a shooting table and light tent. Try a plastic storage container placed on its side with the lid off, and white paper or cloth on the bottom and sides to serve as diffusers and distribute the light better.

 The Right Lighting

Light defines the quality of a great product photograph. It’s difficult to get the right lighting, but it has a huge impact on results and post-processing. Natural lighting is great if you place your lightbox next to a large window. It’s easier to manipulate, saves time and hassle, and harsh light can always be diffused by placing a cloth or white paper over the window.

A Tripod Helps

When you use a tripod for product photography in San Francisco, you bring focus, consistency, and stability, while avoiding blurry images. If you can’t afford a tripod, simply use a pile of books or a stool to keep your camera fixed. There are cheap tripods available these days, so do a bit of research.

Choosing A Camera

This is obviously the most essential element for any product photography shoot in San Francisco. You can get a decent DSLR or point and shoot camera for a fairly low price these days. Avoid a wide angle lens and use the right aperture for the right shot. Also, make sure to use the correct white balance. Finally, thanks to technology, you can also use a smartphone camera because they now make great pictures possible.

Product Photography In San Francisco

Tyler Chartier offers both studio and commercial photography in San Francisco, along with product photography, business photography, and portraits. For more information, get in touch and schedule an appointment today.

Tyler Chartier: Skilled Product Photographer in Santa Rosa

Often times, a photograph is the first time a potential client interacts with your business. It is a snapshot in time that has a large role to fill: it must communicate a distinct message about your business, represent your product, services, and mission, and connect with the viewer in a way that drives them to learn more. Are your company’s images sending the message you want?

How a Santa Rosa Product Photographer Can Help

It can be challenging to find a photographer with a distinct understanding of what sets an image apart. Tyler W. Chartier, a renowned product photographer in Santa Rosa, is well-known for his ability to create a photograph that tells a story. His knowledge and use of perspective, light, and styling, have enabled him to provide countless businesses with photographs that will power them towards success.

His studio offers a variety of services, which melded with his distinct talent, make Tyler the product photographer in Santa Rosa that will take your business to the next level.

  • Product – As you can imagine, designing an image that brings an inanimate object to life requires a special hand. The product photography you use to represent your products will speak volumes to the potential client, establishing a perception of identity, quality, and personality for your entire business.
  • Food – Surely you can think of an image of food you have seen that literally made your mouth water, making you wish the dish would materialize in front of you. This is the power of skilled food photography, the simple yet complex construction of an image.
  • Architecture – Bring a space alive for the viewer, whether you are looking to tell the story of your business, highlight your work as a designer or relator, or showcase your abilities in another space-centric industry.
  • People – Introduce yourself and your team to potential clients through professional photographs.

Contact Tyler W. Chartier

With the work of Tyler Chartier, you will be able to tell a story through the photographs of your products and business, forging a connection with potential clients. Contact his studio today, and begin utilizing the power of photograph for your ultimate success.

Tyler Chartier: Product Photographer in Sonoma County

As the time-worn saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. Consider the images that you currently have representing your business, whether they are product images, food photography, or anything similar. What story are these photos telling your potential customers?

Choosing Product Photography in Sonoma County

Selecting a skilled, experienced photographer with a talented eye will have significant ripple effects that will last long past the day of the photo shoot. Tyler W. Chartier, a well-known product photographer in Sonoma County, understands the intangible details that make a product or food photo memorable. Surely you can think of a product or food photograph that you connected with, an image that made you learn more about the specific business. What set this image apart? You may not be able to name exactly how the photograph worked its magic on you, but Tyler can.

The services offered at his studio, combined with his incredible talent, make Tyler Chartier the product photographer in Sonoma County that you can trust.

  • Product – Giving life to an inanimate object requires creativity and a special eye. Photographs of your products should consistently communicate the message and brand identity you have chosen for your business. A single image can build a perception of quality and personality for your products and business, so Tyler navigates that territory very strategically and with distinct skill.
  • Food – Photographing food in a way that will connect with the viewer’s taste buds requires skill, and Tyler Chartier has proven his ability in this arena time and time again. Simple but impactful, his food photography captures the viewer’s interest and leaves them wanting more.
  • Architecture – Tell the story of your business, or showcase your work as a designer, realtor, or other space-centric business.
  • People – Allow potential clients to get to know you and your employees through professional but personalized photographs.

Tyler W. Chartier

Tyler Chartier has the skill to build a collection of images for your business that tells a story guaranteed to connect with your potential clients. Contact his studio today, and take the first step towards utilizing the power of product photography for your Sonoma County success.