Kid Magic 2 | Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

“Kid magic” is the way I describe the wonder and joy that children bring to their exploration of the world. One of the greatest gifts of my professional life is the opportunity to intimately witness this phenomenon and, if I do my job well, share the magic with others through images. During our recent shoots at the Children’s Museum of Sonoma County, we swam in a river of kid magic! Few shoots are as inspiring as those at CMOSC…or as exhausting!

From the moment the children arrived, we were surrounded by curious minds, playful chaos, and endless laughter. My only bittersweet moments during our shooting days were when I remembered my own boys in this amazing place years ago…knowing that they are dancing a different dance now. (I write this with Puff The Magic Dragon playing in my head and tears in my eyes) 

Collaborating with the passionate and knowledgeable museum staff made this shoot all the more enjoyable, their dedication to fostering a love for learning and joyful discovery is simply inspirational. I can’t overstate how lucky our community is to have this gem of an institution available for our children. 

A big thank you to the team at CMOSC for working so hard before and during our shooting days to make sure that everything went smoothly for my crew and for the kiddos! 

Check out my faves from this shoot here: 

Kid Magic: Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

And a collection of my faves from our shoots with CMOSC in 2019:

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County