Choosing a Product Photographer Santa Rosa

From culinary delights to merchandise, Tyler Chartier’s photography tells a story, enlivens the subject of the camera, and brings both products and foods to life for anyone who is fortunate enough to see them.

What to Look For in a Product Photographer

One of the greatest things an experienced product photographer has to offer is a portfolio of excellence. With a portfolio, you can find any number of pictures that recommend a given photographer. The better portfolios will have a variety of different pictures—from food to cosmetics, furniture to wine, and purses to jewelry. But perhaps one of the best measures of a quality product photographer in Santa Rosa is the ability to properly capture food and product items.

Why Food Photography Is Fundamental

When you look at food, you have an immediate response: you either want to eat what you see or you don’t. The best product photographer in Santa Rosa is going to have pictures that make you want to eat the food taking center stage.

Look at the food pictures of the photographers that you have available. When you see these culinary delights, does your mouth water? Are you helpless in the hands of the raspberry-studded chocolate cake with the creamy whipped frosting going around the top? Do you need a bite of that steak right now? Can you smell the designer pizza’s aroma wafting gently through the photo medium? If you can, then you may have found your photographer. If, however, the pictures stir nothing in you, then they’ll evoke nothing in others who see them and you should probably find a different photographer.

Technical Items to Consider in Choosing a Product Photographer

What does the lighting look like? Are you able to clearly see everything that’s being photographed? How about focus? Has the photographer managed to properly engage his depth of field such that the center of the picture looks like the center of the picture?

Next you’re going to want to ask yourself about style. Has the photographer used angles—and if so, did this individual use those angles proficiently? What about coloring, background, and other thematic elements? Look for the following abilities in an experienced photographer:

  • Excellent Product Photography
  • Skill in Lighting
  • Proper Focus/Perspective/Depth-of-Field
  • Stylistic Proficiency

With a passion for product photography in Santa Rosa, Tyler Chartier creates beautifully styled and ingenious work that will captivate your target market. He can be contacted at (415) 264-0638.