Tyler Chartier Photography feels strongly that we can be more than just a business. We have a responsibility to also be good citizens of the world and helpful members of our community. Globally, we believe green ideas like energy efficiency and sustainability are great for our business and imperative for the world we will leave to our children. Locally, we give back by volunteering our time with the organizations below with the goal of strengthening and enriching our communities.

American Institute of Architects, Redwood Empire

Recently appointed to the board, Tyler is lucky enough to geek-out on his love of architecture in a more official way! This local chapter of the national AIA helps to promote and empower its members and greater architectural community, as well as educate and advance others in design and build concepts. For Tyler, he gets to be inspired by some of the best designs around, and the people who create them!

Rebuilding Together, Petaluma

Tyler serves on the board of Rebuilding Together, Petaluma. This organization provides home repairs to people in the community for free, who need it most. Improvements could include anything from roof repair, plumbing and electrical upgrades or accessibility modifications. Rebuilding Together embodies the generous spirit of Petaluma and the tight-knit community of neighbors who live here. For Tyler, serving this organization gives him the chance to help improve and rebuild the town which he calls home, for all. 

Petaluma Public Art Committee

As a city council appointed member of the Petaluma Public Art Committee, Caroline gets the privilege of helping the city of Petaluma commission, acquire, and maintain public art. The PPAC is part of the public art ordinance, which requires commercial developments over $500,000 to contribute 1% of the budget to public art. Caroline gets to help developers select art to put on site, or guide the city with how to spend their “in lieu” funds on original or existing artwork. Caroline feels strongly about supporting the arts, making it accessible to all, and making Petaluma even more beautiful, weird, and special than it already is. 

Heritage Homes

Caroline also is on the board of Heritage Homes, Petaluma. Heritage Homes celebrates the rich history of vintage homes and buildings in Petaluma. While a lot of the older buildings in the Bay Area were decimated in the 1906 earthquake, Petaluma was largely spared, leaving the city with a large collection of  historical homes. Heritage Homes is an advocate for their preservation, restoration, legacy and documentation. As a board member, Caroline helps to carry out these principals and gets to drool over some really gorgeous homes!