Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Shoot Specific Plan:

We will collaborate with each client during pre-production to create a project specific Covid19 safety plan.

Smallest Possible Number of People on Set:

We will work with our clients during pre-production to create a shoot plan that requires the smallest possible crew, number of talent and client representatives possible. If practical, we will use virtual technology to allow clients to art direct and approve images in real time without physically being on set.

Self Reporting/Screening for Symptoms:

We will contact all participants in the shoot via text message the day of the shoot to confirm that they do not have symptoms of Covid-19 using the CDC Self Screening Guidlines. Anyone who reports symptoms will not participate in the shoot. We reserve the right to check all participants temperature when they arrive on set with a non-contact infrared thermometer, anyone who presents a fever above 100 degrees will not participate in the shoot. If necessary, the shoot will be rescheduled.

Social Distancing:

All participants in the shoot will maintain 6 feet+ distance between people as much as possible.

Face Masks:

All participants in the shoot will be required to wear a multi-layer face mask at all times. Tyler Chartier Photography will provide masks if necessary. Exception: for shoots that require talent, a shoot specific plan will be created in collaboration with talent to create a safe environment for all involved.

Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizing:

Hand washing or sanitizing will be required frequently and after touching any suspected contaminated surface or object. Tyler Chartier Photography will provide hand sanitizer.


In some situations, nitrile gloves can be used in addition to hand washing or sanitizing. Tyler Chartier Photography will provide nitrile gloves.

Surface and Object Sanitizing:

High touch surfaces like cameras, ipads, production cart handles will be cleaned using sanitizing wipes frequently or after suspected contamination. Tyler Chartier Photography will provide sanitizing wipes.

Employee Training:

Crew members will be trained in best practices for maintaining a clean, safe work environment for all participants. These best practices include, but not limited to: 

  • Social distancing: maintaining at least 6 feet between people
  • Wearing task appropriate PPE
  • Avoid touching face, nose, mouth and eyes
  • Wash hands frequently using soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not feasible 
  • Sanitize high traffic surfaces frequently

Additional Precautions for 12 Hill Studio:

Minimize the number of people in the studio at any time.

2 windows and 1 large 10′ x 8′ door will be open during the shoot, with fans in the windows, to create high volume of air flow through the space.


These protocols are based on current CDC guidelines, California Statewide Industry Guidance, and Sonoma County Business Mitigation Requirements. As these guidelines and regulations evolve we will update our protocols.