Documenting Process: Brand Identity Video + Stills for Matt Devine

When artist and sculptor Matt Devine and his business partner/wife Morgan asked me to come to Portland and create a process video I jumped at the opportunity for two reasons: first, Matt and Morgan are wonderful humans and it’s always good to work with good people; second, what a fascinating opportunity to explore the process and thinking of an artist!

Matt is an inspiration, both as an artist and as a person. His pursuit of excellence in his work and the trajectory of his career are impressive, but the life he and his wife Morgan have created together with their daughter is simply magical. I can’t overstate my gratitude for this opportunity to step into Matt and Morgan’s world for a moment.

A thought about stills and video: While I will always love the immediacy and simplicity of still photography, I’m smitten with the immersive experience video gives our audience. Lucky for me I don’t have to choose: I often get to create both stills and video during the same shoot!

Tyler’s Tips

Tyler’s Tips is a video series where I share ideas to improve your photography! I thought it appropriate to share this tip so you can see how I create environmental portraits like the one above.

Create depth in your portraits to make your subject more interesting and engaging.

Tyler’s Tips Episode 38: Create depth in your portraits