The Architectural Photo Shoot as a Team Building Celebration

An architectural photography shoot is a wonderful opportunity for the design team to come together and celebrate a finished project. Many of the people who work on these projects never have a chance to visit the site, or they only see it during construction. This shoot was particularly valuable for the team at TLCD Architecture because the we shot it in August of this year and most of the people hadn’t seen each other in person for six months! 

While a shoot like this would not be advisable with the current state of the pandemic, in August we were able to do this safely by keeping our group size small, carefully social distancing, and requiring that everyone wear a mask except for the moment while that person was photographed. We were lucky to have two pairs of people from the same households, which allowed us to create a few more personal interactions. During post production, we used photoshop to combine the various images to create the illusion of a “normal” day at Santa Rosa Junior College. 

It’s a privilege to collaborate with companies like TLCD. Involving the design team in a photo shoot increases the cost, complexity, and value of the shoot. Most firms don’t go to the trouble or expense of putting so many people in the shots, but these images break through the noise more effectively than typical architectural photography. And bringing people together to celebrate the project is a powerful team building exercise, that enhances internal community at the firm. 

See more images from this shoot: 

TLCD – Jeff Kunde Hall