Institutional Photography + SMPS Workshop

Collaborating with the team at The Center for Elder Independence (pre-pandemic) was special for two reasons. First, it’s always a joy to work with kind, talented people, who are committed to their work. Second, I learned a ton about elder care, which is an important and under-appreciated corner of our world. During this shoot, our goal was to create images that tell the story about what it feels like to spend time at a CEI facility, as well as illustrate the core services CEI provides to the elder community. 

A fascinating aspect of my job: I often have intimate access to organizations during shoots and as a result I see and experience what’s really going on behind the scenes. In this case, I had the great pleasure of watching the CEI staff give so much attention, kindness, and love to the elders who they serve. In a few cases, our shoot stopped entirely for a couple of minutes so staff that was involved in the shoot could answer a question, or make a connection with an elder who was curious about what we were doing. It’s rare that a production of that size, a team of 10 including crew and talent, stops for anything. It was such a delight to see a team of people stay true to their values in a situation where it would be easy not to – I was inspired!

Special thanks to Dianna Garrett and Dafina Dailey at CEI and Lisa LaManga at Generations Now for throwing so much energy into this production. Without their many hours of hard work during pre-production, this shoot would not have come together so beautifully! Thanks also to Chris MacDonald for another excellent day of hair and makeup and great energy on set. And last but never least, thanks to Jung Fitzpatrick for the assist and for the fun chat after the shoot – wow did 2020 turn out differently than we planned that day!

See more images from this shoot: 

Center for Elder Independence 

SMPS Build Business 2020 Workshop

I have the honor and pleasure of presenting a workshop for The Society for Marketing Professional Services national convention, Build Business 2020 this year! 

My workshop will focus on how to create and choose images for marketing that produce results. We’ll dig deep into how to differentiate a great image from an effective image. Check it out here:

Covid-19 Protocols for Safe Photo Shoots

While we are open for business and actively shooting, we are limited in what and where we can shoot. Local rules are changing rapidly, and we are assessing each project for health and safety on a case-by-case basis.

Our two main criteria for scheduling a shoot: 

  1. It must be allowed under local regulations.
  2. We must be able to create a safe environment for crew, talent, and client.

Covid-19 is with us for now, and we’ve created protocols for our shoots to help keep everyone involved safe. Our protocols are based on current CDC guidelines, California Statewide Industry Guidance, and Sonoma County Business Mitigation Requirements. As these guidelines and regulations evolve we will update our protocols.

Details here: