Exceptional Product Photography Now Provided to San Francisco by Tyler Chartier

December 12th 2016 : – Product photography in San Francisco should not be just about producing an image—it should also capture the essence of an object. Finding exactly what will transform a product image from a picture to a product in someone’s home or business has always been the most important aspect of advertisement. The team at Tyler Chartier Studio understands the difference in perspective needed to make that transformation possible.


Our process begins with the right preparation in the studio. We use proper elements—including backdrop, lighting, and placement—to capture unique images of the product. After shooting, we examine the images and retouch them as necessary. You receive professional images that bring out the essential qualities of a product that are needed to promote sales.


Our team has extensive photography experience across a broad range of product lines. We have such diverse clientele as the boutique distiller Magave, local specialty vendors such as Ray’s Deli, and national retailers like Shield-N-Seal. Each of these clients has trusted our carefully composed photos to highlight the best and most important features of their products.


On a more practical note, our state-of-the-art photography studio is located approximately 40 miles north of downtown San Francisco in picturesque Sonoma County. It is fully equipped with the latest photographic and editing equipment to make the most of your product shoot. In addition, we have a kitchenette and bathroom on-site to keep you happy and to keep us focused.

The team at Tyler Chartier Studio is ready to take your product photography project in San Francisco to the next level. For further information, please contact us at the Tyler Chartier Studio by visiting us online at TylerChartier.com or calling us directly at 415.264.0638. With Tyler Chartier Studio, you can rest assured that your products will become more than a photo.