Food photography in San Francisco

Get the Best Food Photography in San Francisco

The Archetype of Hunger
A circle is an archetype of a sphere. A square is an archetype of a cube. A picture is not an archetype but it is archetypal. It provides an evocative silhouette of that which was when the photograph was taken. The picture itself is of the highest quality, but it is only a two-dimensional representation of that which was. A picture of the right subject matter can act as a sort of muse to the person who happens to view it.

When it comes to culinary delights, the picture becomes an archetype for the hunger it incites. Subconsciously, it’s nearly impossible to see a picture of a moistened, fresh-made cake and not want a slice. But depending on how that cake is presented, it will be more or less desirable. Just like a square that has uneven edges isn’t going to be recognizable as a cube, food photography that isn’t of the highest grade won’t properly communicate the subconscious desire. Furthermore, this desire is an integral component to convincing certain clients to climb aboard.

The Salability of Hunger
Northern California and the San Francisco Bay area have an incredible gastronomic culture – there is a special passion for food photography in San Francisco. Finding a purveyor of food photography in San Francisco who can get the right lighting, perspective and focus on your foodstuffs will transmit its desirability in pictorial form much more elegantly than any speech or presentation. Additionally, it may be the best way to present an entire menu of items. It’s not feasible to have them optimally prepared at every presentation. Yet the muse of hunger applies to potential business partners as much as it does to potential walk-ins at a given dining establishment.

Living Pictures
A still-life picture can tell a story full of motion. Consider the glistening frosting atop a maple eclair or the textured thickened sauce of a traditionally prepared marinara. It would take a thousand words to convey just how much a single well-done photograph can contain.

Elegant Photography
Tyler Chartier elegantly captures the finest foods in living moments of desirability. For mouth-watering, professional photography that brings your product to life, contact Tyler Chartier at (415) 264-0638.