Food Photography Sonoma County

A Community of History

With its rich diversity of agriculture, viticulture and artisan contributions, Sonoma County has a long culinary history that stretches all the way back to the 19th century. Because of this incredible heritage, it’s fitting that food photography in Sonoma County reflect the amazing cuisine that is available.

The Science Behind Food Photography

When seeking a skilled photographer, you want one that makes food literally jump off the plate. The importance of enticing your audience with mouthwatering images cannot be overstated. Whether you’re looking to capture photos for advertising, packaging, restaurants or menus, this is your opportunity to make a big impression.

Properly photographed edible delights can elicit an emotional reaction even to the point of salivation. People’s first pictorial response to a food item could be that which ultimately drives them to try that food item. In some respects, the visual nature of food is its own best marketing. Emphasizing such visual impact definitely increases the profoundness of its ultimate effect.

What to Expect from the Right Photographers

There are a lot of things to consider with food. One is that certain confectionary offerings may not hold up under the necessary camera lights, which means there will have to be substitutions. But the best photographers can capture any food’s essence in any given setting. And they’ll have the right depth of field and can contrast the food against optimal backgrounds that recommend the food item. Competent food photography in Sonoma County should include:

  • Proper Lighting
  • Perspective
  • Creative Styling
  • Brand Image Understanding and Emphasis in Pictures

Bringing It All Together

Photography by Tyler Chartier brings perspective, imagination, lighting, and brand awareness together in a mixture of professionalism that is sure to exposit your products’ finest qualities. The ultimate goal is to facilitate an emotional impact that sends clients after your services. To that effect, Tyler Chartier has quickly become a go-to resource for food photography in Sonoma County. To contact the offices of Tyler Chartier and arrange for photos, call (415) 264-0638 today.