Industrial/Biomedical Design & Interior Photography

Collaborating with the marketing team at Cellares, we created images of their new cell shuttle which allows for fully automated cell therapy in a closed environment – essentially eliminating the need for a clean room in which scientists would normally conduct this work. Game changing technology! 

lifestyle photography technology biomedical lab

Our shoot with Cellares required a combination of three approaches: interior architectural photography, product photography, and documentary style photography. While it was challenging to jump between working methods, it was great fun and a highly successful shoot. By combining the three types of photography into one shoot, we were able to deliver the content Cellares needed quickly and efficiently.

product photography technology biomedical lab

For this shoot, a lot of the magic took place during post production. In collaboration with Stephen Newport and Peggy Kinstler, we created the environment, look, and feel necessary to make these images effective.

lifestyle photography technology biomedical lab

A big thank you to the marketing team at Cellares for the excellent communication and collaboration, and to Stephen Newport and Peggy Kinstler for the heavy lift in post, and to Peter van Der Pas for the excellent assist. 

interior architecuture technology biomedical lab

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