Kid Magic (Video edition) | Children’s Museum of Sonoma County

Collaborating with Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC) during a series of hybrid stills+video shooting days, we explored the wonder and joy that children bring to their exploration of the world. I like to call this phenomenon “Kid Magic” and I’m delighted to share these three videos with you so you can add a little bit of pixie dust to your day :-) 

(Full disclosure: you may laugh and cry when you watch all three of these videos…)

One of the most important filmmaking collaborations is creating an environment in which our interview subjects feel safe to be vulnerable and explore emotionally intense ideas or experiences. I see this trust as a powerful gift, and a serious responsibility. 

The passion, the joy, and the heartbreak our interviewees shared in these videos elevate the messages, make the ideas more relatable, and create a memorable emotional connection with the viewer. 

A special thank you to my team of outstanding collaborators: Duncan Clark, Rudy Gelenter, Peggy Kinstler, and Russell Purcell.

And a huge thank you to Collette and the CMOSC team. Your work makes our community more joyful, more connected, and more resilient. Thank you for creating this wonderful place where kid magic thrives!

You can watch these videos and see stills from this shoot here: 

Children’s Museum of Sonoma County