Life Science Start-up Incubator, Interiors & Exteriors

I am damn lucky. When I walked up these stairs for the first time, I literally said, “wow!” What a privilege to help tell the visual stories of designs like this staircase created by the team at MBH Architects. Bonus: Marlene Hurtado, who designed this staircase, was on set to help art direct this portion of our shoot! 

Designed by and shot for MBH Architects, MBC BioLabs is a life science technology incubator. 

Hybrid architectural photography and video shoots are one of my favorite challenges. The combination forces my brain to jump back and forth between solving the technical problems of each format. The skillsets are complementary and build on each other: shooting video makes me a better still photographer, and shooting stills makes my videos stronger. 

Special thanks to Rachel Baber and Marlene Hurtado from MBH for art direction and styling during our shoot. Big thank you to Jung Fitzpatrick for having my back during the shoot, and to Tim Coy for his retouching mojo! 

To see a collection of our favorites from this shoot, follow this link: