Lifestyle & Product Photography of Life Saving Technology

Tyler Chartier product photography San Francisco

Collaborating with the inspiring people at Avive to create marketing images to launch their new AED was such a feel good project! This team has reinvented the traditional AED so it can save even more lives. If you don’t know what an AED is, check out these links: what’s an AED? AEDs save a lot of lives! Avive’s innovation makes their AED more effective by integrating the bystander, plus AED magic, with the 911 emergency system. As a former first responder (I was a volunteer firefighter for a while) I appreciate the impact Avive’s evolution of the AED will have. 

Tyler Chartier lifestyle photography San Francisco

To help Avive bring this product to market, we created both storytelling/lifestyle photography and studio product images. Our goals were to create still images that illustrate how this product integrates into life at home, at work, and during play time, and to show the product’s most unique feature: the alert network. 

Tyler Chartier lifestyle photography San Francisco

My favorite moment of this shoot: late one night, one of the founders was talking about next steps in the business, when the device has its first “save,” and what that will mean for the Avive team and for the family of the person whose life this device saves. I rarely lose my focus during photoshoots, but I needed a minute to just feel that. I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this project. 

To see a few of my faves from this shoot, follow this link: