Lifestyle Video

Lifestyle video is an immersive tool marketers can use to show the human aspect of a product or a service. Humanizing culture and internal processes helps create an emotional connection between company and audience. 

Client: Children’s Museum of Sonoma County (CMOSC)

Project: Stills & Video 

Collaborating with CMOSC during a series of hybrid stills+video shooting days, we explored the wonder and joy that children bring to their exploration of the world. The passion, the joy, and the heartbreak our interviewees shared in these videos elevate the messages, make the ideas more relatable, and create a memorable emotional connection with the viewer. See more here.

Client: Roman Spa Hot Springs

Project: Hospitality & Lifestyle Photography/Video

We had a blast creating hospitality and lifestyle photography and video at this historic and luxurious resort. See more images and video in projects.

Client: Turner Construction

Project: LGTBQ+ Culture

The story of Turner Construction’s internal network supporting their LGTBQ+ employees and partners.

Client: Matt Devine 

Project: Devine Creative Process – Portland , OR

Brand identity video + stills for artist and sculptor Matt Devine. Read more in our blog.

Client: Service West

Project: Brand Identity – San Francisco + Los Angeles, CA

Hybrid lifestyle video + stills shoot for a substantial brand refresh. See more about this project in our blog.

Client: TLCD Architecture

Project: TLCD Creative Culture – Santa Rosa, CA

Stills + video shoot designed to show the creative culture and process at an architectural firm for two audiences: potential talent and potential clients. Read about it in our blog.

Client: Color Tokens

Project: Recruiting – Menlo Park, CA

Our goal: create visually compelling talking head interviews. Read more on our blog.

Client: Color Tokens

Project: Establish Brand Credibility – Half Moon Bay, CA

Our goal: create visually compelling talking head interviews. Read more on our blog.

Client: Consortium (Beyond the Bag)

Project: IDEO + Consortium to Reinvent the Retail Bag – San Francisco Bay Area

It was an honor to work with IDEO to help tell their story of advancing sustainable alternatives to a single-use plastic bag!  See more video and read about this initiative and the many Beyond the Bag challenge winners in our blog.

Client: Sanaz Mazinani

Project: Rolling Reflection – San Francisco, CA

We created stills + video for this fun sculpture project commissioned by the City of San Francisco. Read more in our blog.

Client: Roman Hot Springs Resort

Project: Brand Identity + Marketing – Calistoga, CA

While the primary purpose of this shoot was to create still images, Roman Spa Hot Springs also wanted to add video to the project without dramatically increasing the budget. To achieve this goal, we recorded video after completing select still images and we used only hand held video with available light. Read about it in our blog.

Client: Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Project: Spa

Video of the Spa experience. Read about it in our blog.