Marketer Magazine: Architectural Photography and Commercial Lifestyle Photography

I had the honor of being the featured photographer in the June issue of Marketer, the educational journal for the Society for Marketing Professional Services. This means 90% of the editorial images in this issue are my images. As the audience for this magazine is marketing professionals working in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry, the images we used are all from projects relating to that space. I was delighted that the editors at Marketer decided to use so many images from my brand identity shoot with TLCD Architecture – one of my favorite shoots & one of my favorite clients! These articles originally appeared in ©Marketer, The Journal of the Society for Marketing Professional Services, June 2019, This is a print only publication for the membership of SMPS, if you’d like to see a physical copy let me know! 

As an active member of my local San Francisco chapter of SMPS, I’ve come to profoundly respect this organization. Throughout the membership, we have a strong culture of mentorship, education and collaboration. Even though many of the firms for which the our members work are competitors, within SMSP the culture of learning, sharing and support thrives. As the marketing director of my own company, I’m grateful for my SMPS community! 

Fun side note: in January, I was invited to speak at the SMPS Pacific Regional Conference in Hawaii. Spending a few days with hundreds of passionate, smart marketing professionals was inspiring. And it was lovely to be in Hawaii in January!

Tyler’s Tips

Tyler’s Tips is a weekly video series where I share ideas to improve your photography! I typically share my favorite tip from last month here, but as Tyler’s Tips is on summer vacation, I’ve included one of my favorites from last year: 

Tyler’s Tips Episode 5: Storytelling

One of the most important building blocks of a successful image is the story. Having a clear understanding of the story your image needs to tell is a big part of ultimately creating an image that works.