Nkarta Therapeutics Case Study: Creating Effective Marketing Images

When the team at Nkarta Therapeutics approached me to create marketing images and video, we began by exploring two questions: 

Who is the audience?             What is the message? 

Effective images and video almost always derive from the answers to these two questions. Wait…what is an effective image anyway? It’s an image that produces the results my client wants. Without clear answers to our two questions, our images don’t usually work as well. 

The team at Nkarta works with Natural Killer Cells with the goal of creating therapies to improve cancer treatment. Nkarta’s two most important audiences are potential investors and clinicians who work at organizations that run clinical trials. The message the marketing director at Nkarta wants those two audiences to receive:

“You can trust us.” 

Ok, that’s a big idea… So we dig into specifically what the audience cares about that will lead to trust. For Nkarta, that boils down to two ideas:

1. Tell the story of Nkarta’s robust and reliable manufacturing capability, showcasing how the process is polished, refined and complete.

2. Minimize the implied complexity of the process. 

It’s a privilege to work with companies like Nkarta. My small contribution to help this company as it tries to create more effective cancer treatments feels good. 

See more images from this shoot: 

Nkarta Therapeutics

Covid-19 Protocols for Safe Photo Shoots

While we are open for business and actively shooting, we are limited in what and where we can shoot. Local rules are changing rapidly, and we are assessing each project for health and safety on a case-by-case basis.

Our two main criteria for scheduling a shoot: 

  1. It must be allowed under local regulations.
  2. We must be able to create a safe environment for crew, talent, and client.

Covid-19 is with us for now, and we’ve created protocols for our shoots to help keep everyone involved safe. Our protocols are based on current CDC guidelines, California Statewide Industry Guidance, and Sonoma County Business Mitigation Requirements. As these guidelines and regulations evolve we will update our protocols.

Details here: tylerchartier.com/covid19-protocols