More than just architecture with TLCD

Architecture + People: A New Angle

When the marketing team at TLCD Architecture asked me to shoot a recent transit project, they wanted to go beyond the standard technical architectural images. To create images that would connect with a broader audience, the story of how people work in these spaces was as important as the architectural design itself.

We had three primary goals: create technical architectural images for awards submission, capture intimate images of the people in context, and create a short video combining both ideas. The challenge was to do all three during a 2 day shoot!

I’m grateful to have had this opportunity to work with a team willing to take risks and try a new approach – this is the space in which we often do our best work!

You can see my favorite images and the video here:

TLCD – Butte Transit Operations Center

(don’t miss the behind the scenes link at the bottom of the page)