Outside the Box – Water, Mud and Dirt!

I fear stagnation. To push back against stagnation, I sometimes force myself to shoot things that are new and a bit scary for me. My goal is to grow as a creative by stepping outside my comfort zone and trying things that might fail. 

Last summer, my friend Emma Sherman and I collaborated on a series of experimental shoots that allowed me to step way outside my box. Truth be told, without Emma sharing the creative leadership in this project, I don’t think I would have had the courage to shoot this sort of photography. I can’t overstate the gratitude I have for my friendship with Emma, she’s a tough, dedicated professional, an inspiring creative collaborator and a delightful addition to our family whenever she comes to stay with us.

Together we created images I love and am proud to share, as well as a bunch of junk that will never see the light of day. And I’m most excited about what I learned… 

Pretty is boring. Our world is saturated with pretty pictures. They are nice. They are satisfying to produce. They are forgettable. 

We remember dissonance. Dissonance is not easy and that challenge makes us feel something we remember. Dissonance leaves unanswered questions.

Dissonance can challenge preconceptions, like our juxtaposition of the sensual female form against Emma’s powerful musculature. Dissonance can defy expectations, like our sultry portrait of Emma covered in mud. 

You can see more images from these shoots here: 

Emma Sherman 2018

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