Overcoming challenging site conditions to get the shot: before, during and after production

By planning ahead with creative problem solving during the shoot, we can overcome challenging site conditions and create effective images. Check out this example image we created with TLCD Architecture: finding the best way to get a good shot of the this building without the power poles and lines. 

First, we created a composition that would make the retouching challenges less extreme. We moved our camera position just inside the power poles, which mostly eliminated the problem, but forced us to use a wider composition than we might normally choose for a building like this. Through clear communication we collaborate with our clients to explore the tradeoffs and find the best compromise. In this case, a slightly wider than ideal composition was the better choice than a complex and costly retouching solution. 

Second, we took advantage of a moment when the light on the building would be flattering, and the shadows cast by the power pole and lines would land in places where it would be relatively easy to remove later. 

In the end, we created a clean image that tells the story of the design as intended, without the distraction of discordant site conditions. 


To see more images from this shoot: 

TLCD Jeff Kunde Hall