Personal Project: Ballet + Boxing

It’s officially a yearly tradition! Emma came to visit our family this summer with her sweetheart (who, to my delight, truly is a sweet heart) and we carved out some time in the studio.

In addition to the fun and magic of working with Emma, this shoot showed me, yet again, the inspiring power of collaboration. Both Caroline Hall (art direction & wardrobe) and Chris MacDonald (hair & makeup) joined the fun. Beyond the obvious contributions that Emma, Caroline and Chris brought to the table, the ideas behind the shots we created here were the result of collaboration between the four of us.

A big thank you to Emma: your energy and talent fills our studio to the brim, I absolutely love working with you!

Chris, you are just awesome – as a human and an artist. Thank you for sharing your talent on this project.

And Caroline…I didn’t think your boxer/ballet idea would work. In pushing me creatively, you reminded me that through collaboration we create the best work – even on a personal project. By the way, the boxer image above is my favorite from this shoot. I tip my hat to you!

Check out my faves from this shoot: 

Personal Work: Ballet + Boxing

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