Product photographer in San Francisco

Choosing the Right Product Photographer in San Francisco

A Picture Tells a Story
A wallet or pocketbook may be a regular component of anyone’s daily life. People need this product and will get one whether or not it is of the highest quality. But a picture of such a product taken in the right way can tell a story which subconsciously recommends it to the viewer. Imagine a blue wallet on a blue background next to several other wallets. This tells a simple story, in a few words: I’m a wallet, just like these other wallets; please buy me. Now consider a picture of a blue wallet angled appropriately next to a saucer of coffee white as the dish beneath it. On that dish are several sugar cubes, and bridging the coffee and pocketbook together against a white background is a French newspaper.

This second photo tells a story. Someone who is on the go, but who keeps themselves continuously updated as per the daily goings-on of the world, has this particular blue pocketbook. They’re a sensible person who enjoys their morning coffee. There’s a little indulgence on the side – just like in your own busy, informed lifestyle. That’s what the picture is saying to its viewer. When it comes to finding a product photographer in San Francisco, you’re going to need one who understands that product photography is as much about selling an idea or a lifestyle as it as selling a physical thing.

Gentle, Tactful Engagement
When there’s an elegant edge to a picture, it commands longer viewing. An experienced product photographer in San Francisco should be sensitive to the sophisticated audience for which the final print will be made. San Francisco is a business hub, and the right clients will be impressed by nothing but the most visually entrancing, product-enlivening pictures.

A Portfolio of Excellence
Consider Tyler Chartier’s portfolio. From culinary delights to merchandise, Tyler Chartier’s photography tells a story, enlivens the subject of the camera, and brings both foods and products to life for anyone who happens to see them. Contact Tyler Chartier at (415) 264-0638 for photography that tells a story and brings that particularly salable joie de vivre to everyday things.