Product Photography San Francisco – 12’ sculpture of Norman Lear

What an honor to photograph this sculpture of Norman Lear! The 12′ tall sculpture was a collaboration between sculptors David Duskin and Peter Schifrin commissioned by Emmerson College in Boston. We created this product photography in San Francisco before the sculpture was shipped to Boston and installed.

Norman Lear tackled challenging subjects through comedy. He wrote and produced TV shows in the 70’s and 80’s that explored controversial social issues – All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Sons, etc.

Such a treat to be involved in a small way with this celebration of Norman Lear’s contributions!

And what a wonderfully complex lighting challenge! Colors, textures, smooth subtle curves, and a life size human form with deep shadows and brilliant highlights… geeky stuff to be sure, but a happy place for me. 

You can see more images from this shoot here: 

Norman Lear Sculpture

Check out this Behind The Scenes video of how we created these images:

Tyler’s Tips

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This my favorite tip last month – I explore why shadows are so important for storytelling and engaging your viewer. 

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