“Tyler is a remarkable artist and professional. I’ve worked with photographers all over the world and to find the very best one right here in Northern California has been an immense gift to my business. Tyler takes what to many would be a simple product shot and makes it sublime – and he’s an interesting and joyful human being with the coolest studio! Your brand is in great hands with TCP.”

“My company has been working with Tyler for years. Not only are his photos impeccable, he’s a sheer delight to work with. He understands the needs of our company and how to best represent our products for marketing on our website. He completes most of our shoots at his fantastic home studio and comes on site as needed. Wherever Tyler is shooting, he’s always prepared, on time, friendly and efficient. Can’t recommend him enough!”

Buying is emotional

We usually look for things we want to buy because of a need or a want, but we decide to purchase because we fall in love. First impressions are powerful – a great product shot is an effective tool for establishing a connection with your customer.

Perception of Quality

Product photography is an excellent tool for showing a potential client the quality of your product. A low quality photograph of a great product will erode the perceived quality, fit and finish of the product – even if that quality is great!

Great Product Photography

We work hard to understand your company’s brand image and your product’s marketing context to drive our creative process. Using light, perspective, and creative styling we can breath life into these inanimate objects – creating the images that will help your clients fall in love.