Resort Architectural & Lifestyle Photography

I knew I would enjoy this hospitality shoot at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort because I love shooting the combination of architecture and lifestyle. Add a fantastic team, great talent plus a delightful client and we had a perfect recipe for five wonderful days on location. It doesn’t hurt when you “have” to stay on location at a hot springs resort & spa :-) 

You can see more images from this project here: 

Roman Spa Hot Springs

While the primary purpose of this shoot was to create still images, Roman Spa Hot Springs also wanted to add video to the project without dramatically increasing the budget. To achieve this goal, we recorded video after completing select still images and we used only hand held video with available light.

By leveraging the effort (creative, logistics, hair/makeup, props, styling, etc.) we had already put into producing the still images, we were able to create valuable additional content at a minimal cost.

Tyler’s Tips

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In this Tyler’s Tip episode, I talk about the value of cultivating a risk-taking mindset. 

Tyler’s Tips Episode 18: Take Risks