Commercial Architectural Photography with MBH Architects

San Francisco Bay Area Architectural Photography

Designed by MBH Architects and built by OPI Commecial Builders, this Burlingame, CA office building has so many delightful and creative design elements it was a joy to photograph. The exterior is finished with granite and venetian plaster, the lighting at night is spectacular, a creative combination of interior and exterior spaces, interesting and cohesive design details throughout the building, great art collection, an amazing custom walnut table and to top it all off, a clever parking solution! 

Finding just the right composition for wide angle interior architectural photography is one of my favorite challenges. Because of the distortion inherent to wide angle lenses, small movements in camera position have a big impact on the image. The trick is to find the sweet spot where that distortion adds drama without distracting from the story. In extreme cases, like this lobby, 1/2 an inch can make or break the composition. 

Adding video to a still photography shoot allows us to tell a more complete story. As with architectural photography, architectural video has unique technical challenges that keep us on our toes. Because camera movement is so critical to creating dynamic energy in architectural video, we make sure our camera is moving for every shot…but those movements have to be exceptionally smooth. The geometric lines of architectural compositions make any wobbles or hiccups obvious and distracting.

The behind the scenes video below shows a little window into our process. 

Tyler’s Tips

Tyler’s Tips is a weekly video series where I share ideas to improve your photography! I share my favorite tip from last month here: 

In this episode, I talk about the importance of defining your audience.

When you’re trying to define the audience for your photo, try thinking of one person, not thousands of people. By shifting your focus to one specific person, you can create a photo that feels more intimate and in the end will likely work better for a broader audience.

Tyler’s Tips Episode 35: Define Your Audience