Sonoma Clean Power: Lifestyle & Architectural Photography

Collaborating with TLCD ArchitectureThe Engine is Red, and Sonoma Clean Power, we created architectural and lifestyle photos to showcase and celebrate SCP’s new Advanced Energy Center in downtown Santa Rosa, CA. The center serves as an educational and community hub for all the latest and greatest clean energy solutions: from EVs and ebikes, to electric cooktops and hot water heaters. 

I love shooting the combination of lifestyle and architectural photography. Together the two styles tell a more complete story of place. Plus, it’s a fun challenge to switch my brain back and forth between the two. The highly technical, unforgiving nature of architectural photography is actually one of my favorite aspects of my job, and it contrasts wonderfully with the key ingredient in great lifestyle photography: human connection. 

Above all, the mixture of traditional architectural images and purposeful lifestyle images creates a highly effective set of marketing visuals for our clients – and all shot in one day! 

Great shoots are the result of a team of people working hard and having fun together, and this was no exception. We were lucky to have the outstanding Caroline Hall as our producer, excellent assistance from Peter van der Pas, fabulous hair and makeup by Chris McDonald, and Peggy Kinstler rocked the retouching. We had both professional and volunteer talent, and all were fantastic and very patient. Last, but certainly not least, the collaboration before, during, and after our shoot from the teams at TLCD, The Engine is Red, and SCP, were foundational to the success of this project. 

To see a few of my faves from this shoot, follow this link: