Studio Day

Tyler Chartier

Why? Because I love the challenge of taking a moment, squeezing it into a rectangle, squishing it flat and then watching that little flat rectangle evoke the feeling of that moment for others. It’s magic.

When I hear “What a great photo!” in a way I have failed. My perceived role as a photographer should be very subtle, if not invisible. When I hear “What an amazing space!” or “I would love to talk to her!” then I’ve told the story.

I live in Petaluma, just up the road from San Francisco, with my wife, 2 sons, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 8 chickens. When I’m not squeezing bits of this world into little rectangles, you can find me working in my garden, running on the beach, backpacking the Sierra, helping my community, camping on the coast, and blowing things up with my sons for Science Saturday.

I share some of my experiences that are indirectly related to my work through my blog, mostly communicated through, well…rectangles.

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