Stunning Food Photography Now Provided to San Francisco by Tyler Chartier

December  10th 2016 : – It’s exciting to know that Tyler Chartier offers brilliant food photography in San Francisco. For restaurateurs, the quality of food photography has a powerful impact on businesses. Following are important elements that Tyler utilizes in composing his images:


Lighting is essential to capturing outstanding pictures, no matter what the subject. It is particularly important in food photography. Daylight helps food to present more naturally, which is essential for mouth-watering shots. It can also be supplemented with artificial lighting to prevent shadows. Tyler Chartier takes lighting very seriously. His studio is designed to maximize natural light while still being able to use artificial light when needed.


Props are another important aspect of food photography. The plate, the surface it sits on, and any other props all impact the appeal of food. Certain props evoke specific feelings, and certain colors make food appear more tempting. Tyler Chartier’s studio has all the props necessary to make food look delicious and amazing.


Balance must be achieved in order for a shot to look its absolute best. This means taking into account the rule of thirds, color, composition, and leading lines. Tyler Chartier is a professional photographer who knows exactly how to achieve this.


There are many ways to enhance the look of food, depending on the dish that is being photographed. One such way is by brushing on vegetable oil to make the food glisten and to give it a more tantalizing look.

As a commercial photographer specializing in beverage and food photography in San Francisco, Tyler Chartier creates exceptional imagery that speaks to the audience that businesses are reaching. Contact Tyler Chartier at 415-264-0638 to find out about the unique and outstanding photographs he can create for you.