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How To Choose Between White Backgrounds and Photographing Products In Context

Choosing a background when photographing products is one of the biggest decisions you will make if you want good, high-quality photos. If you are trying to advertise your product, you want to put it in the best light possible. Regular white backgrounds are great for showcasing an item but if you really want it to stand out, you have to go the extra mile and put your item in an environment where it will have a bigger impact. When you hire a commercial photographer in San Francisco, you get an informed decision about choosing the perfect background for your product.

White Backgrounds

White backgrounds are often used for contrast. While white is an excellent option in most cases, you want something personal if you expect to catch someone’s attention. Save white for the special photos where you are only showcasing an item instead of trying to sell it with a purpose.

Backgrounds Related to the Product

Choose backgrounds that have a connection to the main object of the photo. For a basketball, the setting could be a full court shot or photograph of a rim with bleachers in the background. Tie everything together into a simple setting that makes a statement. The right background can sometimes be the most important part of the picture.

High Resolution

High resolution images are clear and crisp. They are extremely sharp and will allow someone looking at the photo to get up close and personal. They can see the tiniest details and get an accurate idea of what the object really looks like. Photos that have the highest resolution can help to answer questions potential customers may have about a product.


Lighting is the most important part of any photograph. The right lighting eliminates shadows, brings out the tiniest detail and allows the object to be seen as it really is. When you want your object to stand out, the lighting you choose will pull out the important aspect and gently shade any flaws.

When you need to hire an exceptional commercial photographer in San Francisco for product photography, the first person to call is Tyler Chartier. His years of experience and eye for perfection will help you choose the perfect background for whatever you need photos of. He can provide you with photos that will make even the most basic items look fabulous. For more information, contact the office today. 

Tips for Finding a San Francisco Commercial Photographer for Outstanding Photos

Finding a commercial photographer involves committing to comprehensive research and then reviewing the skills required for the project. If your business has a specific commercial photography project in mind, it’s imperative you begin searching for a qualified photographer early in this process. Tyler Chartier has experience in this industry and in this latest post, highlights how to find a qualified commercial photographer for work in San Francisco.

Review Online Catalogues

Finding a trusted San Francisco commercial photographer requires you to review their pictures directly and determine whether they have the quality required to provide you with a lasting return on investment in their services. Many photographers now have online catalogs that can be reviewed directly on their website. Look through all photos carefully. Does the photographer have a clear understanding of the subject and the context of the photography?

Book a Consultation First

Sometimes you only realize that the match isn’t right when you meet in person, and this can be the case when reviewing the work of a San Francisco commercial photographer. Ask them to meet you in person to discuss the details of the project. You might find they don’t have the requisite communication skills you expected for the project. Ask them about their past experience and any projects they’ve completed recently. What were the challenges they experienced during these projects and what would they bring to your company and its photographic needs?

Make Sure their Timeline Matches Yours

The timeline for the project should be a leading consideration when choosing a San Francisco commercial photographer. Is the photographer available within the coming weeks to complete the work? Tell the photographer about your preferred timeline and make sure you can work together on the plan before signing a deal for the service. Discuss what you wish to accomplish and make sure the photographer gives you full and comprehensive details on their requirements before their work begins.

Choosing a qualified commercial photographer can help your organization stand out for its professionalism across the marketplace. Tyler Chartier has experience in this area of the industry and is here to help turn your concepts into stunning, high-clarity reality. To learn more, call about our commercial photography services now.