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Inside the Studio of a Commercial Photographer in Santa Rosa

A commercial photographer in Santa Rosa offers more than just portrait photography. They can also do product photography and photos for advertising purposes. This can involve headshots for business professionals and passports, as well as photos for businesses in general. The studio of a commercial photographer in Santa Rosa will contain a wide variety of tools.

  • Cameras

A photographer’s cameras are the most important piece of inventory they have in their studio. Some may have five or six cameras that are set up for different types of photography. Different lenses and tripods allow them to take many kinds of photos ranging from portraits to action/sports shots. With commercial photography, the right camera and lens will be the key to taking that perfect shot.

  • Lights and Shades

Whether you are photographing someone outside and relying on natural lighting or shooting inside the studio using flash, lighting is the key to make your photos stand out. External flashes and light stands that are triggered by the flash of the camera can add the lighting you need if you are taking studio shots. Shades or umbrellas can mute the bright flash of light when a flash box or external light is used. With the right combination, you can shoot your subject in the perfect light with little to no shadows.

  • Backdrops

Depending on the type of shot you are trying to take, there are backdrops for every occasion. With product photography, a white or black backdrop and the right lighting will show off the subject’s best features. Backdrops can be a solid color or have an image giving you many options to choose from. Commercial photographers may want a backdrop that has their logo emblazoned on it. A commercial photographer also has software that allows them to superimpose an image onto a background that is saved on their computer.

Tyler Chartier

When you need a commercial photographer in Santa Rosa, Tyler Chartier offers both studio and commercial photography. Whether you are looking for product shots, business/commercial photography, or portraits, you can find everything in one convenient location. Contact Tyler Chartier today and schedule an appointment so you can get the kind of high-quality, professional photos you want when you want them.

The Difference Between Commercial Photography and Advertising Photography in Santa Rosa

Business owners need commercial photographers in Santa Rosa in order to capture the essence of their product and/or brand. Being able to choose the right shot for the right purpose is the key. Although advertising photography is a part of the commercial photography genre, it has its own distinct niche. Both commercial and advertising photography make your business shine, and Tyler Chartier has the experience to get the results your business needs.

Here is a little more information about what you can expect from commercial photography and more.

  • Commercial Photography

Commercial photography isn’t always used for advertising. It can include anything from pictures of a new logo or inventory shots that are used for insurance purposes. Many companies use commercial photographers to capture images that will be used in employee handbooks, flyers, and promotional materials when hiring new employees or reaching out to the community for an event. Commercial photos are used to portray your business in the best possible light.

  • Advertising Photography

Advertising photography normally involves photographs that are to be used in advertising campaigns. These photos are used to identify a concept, an idea or a specific lifestyle the business is trying to promote. A photographer who specializes in advertising photos is often allowed to be more creative when taking pictures of products than a commercial photographer would be when taking pictures of the business itself.

  • Knowing Which One You Need

It’s important to know what you are trying to accomplish before you set out to hire a photographer. Many commercial photographers offer advertising shots and can combine both types, giving you the best of both worlds. Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you may need a combination of both types of photography to pull it off. When you make your appointment with Tyler Chartier, go into as much detail as possible so he can understand exactly what you’re looking for.

Professional Commercial Photography in Santa Rosa

Tyler Chartier is one of the most well-known commercial photographers in Santa Rosa and understands the subtle nuances involved in both commercial and advertising photography. If you need a commercial photographer who can provide you with high-quality images of your business for any purpose, contact Tyler Chartier today to make an appointment.