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A Beginner’s Guide To Commercial Product Photography In San Francisco

The importance of product photography cannot be underestimated when it comes to advertising and marketing to a potential customer. Needless to say, if you’re looking for spectacular results, always turn to a professional commercial product photographer in San Francisco. For a start though, here are a few things to help you get a sense of all the elements that go into making a great product photograph, from the right equipment and lighting to using a background effectively.

Try Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone cameras these days are a lot more sophisticated than they were a few years ago. If you want to get a sense of commercial product photography in San Francisco, you don’t have to buy a high-end 50-megapixel camera with a 100-millimeter screw-on lens. Simply try a high-quality smartphone and you may be surprised at the quality of results.

Tripods Lead To Consistency

If you want consistency while shooting products — and this makes a huge difference in a catalog or advertising campaign — always shoot with a tripod. Even a stack of books will help. It helps you avoid blurry photographs and gives you more elbow room to focus on the product itself.

Work On Lighting

Choose between natural and artificial lighting carefully. See how the light affects every photograph, and keep in mind that the best look can be more convincing for a potential buyer. The right lighting arrangement can reveal critical decision-making product features when a sale hinges on a photograph.

Soften Those Shadows

Irrespective of whether you use natural or artificial light for commercial product photography in San Francisco, you will need to lessen shadows cast by potential hard light on the opposite end of a product. This can be done by using a Fill Light, Flashbulb Bounce Card or Standalone Bounce Card. Also, make sure the background resembles how you want buyers to perceive a product when they view it online.

Shoot More Images

Always shoot a variety of images to simulate the experience of looking, holding and trying merchandise in a store. Try it with different backgrounds and positions, with different poses and angles.

Commercial Product Photography In San Francisco

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