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Product Photographer in San Francisco – 5 Tips When Photographing a T-Shirt

When you are trying to showcase a product, you need an experienced product photographer in San Francisco who can capture the essence of the product. Tyler W. Chartier understands that details are extremely important. Every detail must be carefully planned and addressed, especially if you are photographing T-shirts.

Here are a few things to keep in mind for getting that perfect product photograph.

  • Iron Away Wrinkles

When you’re taking pictures of T-shirts or any other soft material, even the slightest wrinkle will show. Take a few minutes and press the shirt so it’s free of all wrinkles or creases. Gently pressing the shirt before you take the shot will minimize any creases that appear while you are positioning it.

  • Use a Mannequin

Use a mannequin to fill out the shirt. It will show the t-shirt’s cut and shape and also help to prevent wrinkling and puckering. A mannequin will also allow any design or specific detail to stand out. It’s also important to choose the right size mannequin that properly fits the shirt you are photographing.

  • Use the Right Lighting

The right lighting minimizes shadows and will make sure the design or lettering is prominent. Lighting also helps to accentuate the shape of the shirt. The right light and a well-built mannequin will show every detail of a t-shirt making for the perfect product shot. Take a few test shots and adjust the lighting if need be.

  • Check Your Camera Settings

Make sure your camera settings are accurate. The right shutter speed helps to make the most of your lighting and will allow for the best possible focus. You don’t need to overthink your settings, just make sure that the aperture is set properly to allow for the right amount of light.

  • Focus on the Details

Make sure the details are front and center. Side shots are fine if there is nothing on the front of the shirt. If there is a design, however, a full front shot will be needed to see all the little details and make the image stand out. Focusing on the details is extremely important if you want your picture to be pleasing to the eye. 

Get the Right Product Photographer in San Francisco Today

When you want the perfect T-shirt picture, you need to hire the best product photographer in San Francisco. Tyler W. Chartier has the knowledge and experience to take the best photographs possible each and every time. Schedule an appointment at the studio so you can get the best photos of your products!

How to Create Product Photography on a Tight Budget

These days, if you’ve got a product to sell, you need crisp eye-catching images or else those customers are just going to point, click, or swipe elsewhere. Product photography is an art that requires certain supplies to make your images shine. The good news is that your shopping list isn’t that large or expensive.


Tyler Chartier is one of the leading commercial product photographers in San Francisco, and he’s shared some of his insight with you here.


Your Smartphone is a Great Camera  

That’s right, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars in a new camera. The cameras in today’s smartphones are great! All other things equal, a better camera will produce better images, but in most cases improving the composition and lighting will have more impact on your photo than using a better camera.


Keep it Consistent with a Tripod

If you want consistent product images, you’ll need to use a tripod. You can find as many tripod options as there are cameras and smartphones – pick one that fits your budget and is easy to use.


Choose Your Lighting

Natural light vs artificial light is the question… While natural light seems easier at first glance, it actually makes it very difficult to get consistent results because natural light is dynamic. The character and color of the light changes throughout the day and throughout the year. Artificial light is a little harder to get the hang of at first, but it’s well worth the effort because your product photography will have consistent color and character of light. 


Soften Your Shadows

Whether you choose natural or artificial lighting, you’ll likely want to soften (or lessen) any shadows on your product. The easiest way to do this is with a simple bounce – which is photography speak for a white piece of material that reflects the main light into the shadows


Take a Variety of Shots

In your store, a customer may pick up the product hold it, turn it around, or try it on. You have to give online shoppers a similar experience. If you’re shooting clothing you may want to shoot the garments flat against a background, as well as on a mannequin. You may want to have a model wear them for some additional shots and different looks.


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Now you have the tips to take those beginner product shots from good to great. For more tips, you can visit our website. If you require a commercial product photographer in San Francisco, contact Tyler Chartier today.