Tips and Techniques from a Product Photographer in Santa Rosa

There are several tips and techniques you need to know and understand before becoming a commercial product photographer in Santa Rosa. Product photography requires excellent attention to detail and a complete knowledge of your camera and what you can accomplish with it. Each product is different and will require a specific angle, aperture, and focus to bring out its best features.

Use Quality Equipment

To be an effective photographer in any capacity, you need a quality camera that is capable of taking candid shots. This includes a lens designed for close-up photography. A tripod is also beneficial as it allows your camera to remain stationary no matter what angle you are shooting from. The size of the product you are shooting will determine what type of lens and setting you will need to take a good photograph. Having the right background to fit the product in question is also important.

Have Proper Lighting

Your flash is one of the most useful tools you can have when shooting product photography. If you need extra lighting, large lights that are operated with a remote are also a good idea. If you are shooting small objects, try using a light box. Lightboxes are designed to provide a well-lit environment with no shadows. Lightboxes can also be used with external flashes to produce a vibrant white background. If you are using a colored background, you will have to adjust your lighting to prevent shadows and to prevent the color from being distorted.

Learn Your Angles

Learn the best angle to shoot from. Each product will be different, it’s important to try several different angles and then choose the one that provides you with the best results. Shooting every product head-on will not always produce the best shot. A ¾ angle or one where you can see the portion of the product with the best overall view is best.

Get the Shots You Need with a Commercial Product Photographer in Santa Rosa

When you need a skilled commercial product photographer in Santa Rosa, Tyler Chartier can provide exceptional, high-quality work that will portray your products in the best light possible. His years of experience and a good eye for the best angles are combined to produce some of the best product photography in the Santa Rosa area. Call and schedule a photo shoot today!

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