Video: LGTBQ+ Culture

@ Turner Construction

What an honor  to help create this video celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Turner Construction Company‘s internal LGTBQ+ support network. On a human level, I am inspired by this team’s commitment to their co-workers. The basic kindness and compassion shown by so many individuals that underlies the formal initiatives is awesome.

From a marketing perspective, this project is an excellent example of leveraging visual storytelling to amplify a message. By choosing to film our interviews and B-roll at high profile, active construction projects, all the visuals explicitly amplify the message that Turner is a builder of important projects. Massive projects like IQHQ on the waterfront in downtown San Diego and the Intuit Dome in LA lend gravitas and credibility to the interview subject in this context.

For a peek at how we shot the interviews, check out this behind the scenes video:

Projects like this are the result of strong collaboration and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with such an awesome group of people! A BIG thank you to Duncan Clark, Braden Moran, and Angela Hess for helping on our shoots in SF, San Diego, and LA. Another shout out to Louis Ekrem, thank you for your work on set and in the editing suite that helped bring Turner’s vision to life.

My biggest thanks goes to the team at Turner, especially Kelsey LaCour and Bianca Johnson, who championed this project and collaborated wonderfully with me and my team.

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